My Projects:

Electronics Engineer in Swissloop

I am member of Swissloop, the team from ETH Zurich which shapes the future of transportation by developing a vehicle to compete in Hyperloop Pod Competition hosted by Elon Musk at SpaceX.

More details about team and project here:

Detpression - a device for monitoring the depression severity

Detpression is a device that monitors the state of the patient and estimates the depression severity as well as the risk of having a depressive episode.

It monitors the patient's voice and face and identifies his state using our machine learning algorithm. The estimation is reported as a PHQ-9 score, which is a standardized measurement for evaluating depression severity. The doctor can monitor the disease evolution form our web platform.

With this project, me and my three people team made it in the Quarter Finals of the World Phase of Microsoft Imagine Cup, the biggest student innovation competition in the world.

Keywords: Control Systems

PID and State Space Control of an Inertia Wheel

This project represents my thesis theme. Control algorithms are essential in a wide range of mechanical and electronical applications, and in some cases, finding the transfer function of those systems can be very challenging. In final, I did a comparison between two popular control algorithms (PID and LQR)

Keywords: Control Systems


Smart Robotic Arm

We have managed to build a robotic arm that is able to listen to vocal commands. When asked, it can find and grab objects (a certain colored ball) and give them to a certain person (it can distinguish between people). In addition, it can follow the user hand movement using Myo Armband. Moreover, it can play online music or tell you the current weather. It responds to the user using speech.

The used technologies are: Microsoft Speech Recognition Api to convert vocal commands into strings, OpenCv to recognize different balls and certain faces, Text-to-Speech Microsoft API to give vocal feedback, Speaker Recognition API to recognize a particular speaker, all integrated in a C# application.

Team: Isac Andrei, Todeila Tiberia

Status: Finished

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FPGA based Oscilloscope with LabView

This project represents a very cheap solution of building a digital oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. The Nexys 4 DDR board is used for this project, together with a custom board based on AD9215 (ADC).

Team: Vlad Mihai Placinta, Ovidiu Hutanu

Keywords: Data Acquisition, LabView, FPGA

Status: Finished

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Smartbell is an Internet of Things, machine learned, smart dumbbell that gamifies exercise and helps you improve your form. Smartbell helps you keep track of how many reps you have done in a set. It gives words of encouragement when you are doing bicep curls correctly and also gives feedback to help you improve your form. Using a classifier, we are able to see if your form is good. Smartbell sends all of your exercise data to a server where you can see how you are performing against your friends.

Team: Vahid Fazel-Rezai, Jennifer Zhang, Anthony Liu

Status: Finished

Fall Detection Wearable System

Falls can be even fatal for people over 65 years because nobody is around for help. That is why such a device can solve this problem, by accurately detecting a fall and sending a notification. This device is just the prototype which helped us to test and calibrate the fall detection algorithm. We are working at the final wearable device, which will look like a smartwatch.

Team: Razvan Stanescu, Stefan Alexandru

Keywords: Signal Processing, Machine Learning

Status: Finished

Portable USB Oscilloscope

As an Oscilloscope is the fundamental tool of an engineer in electronics, and a laboratory oscilloscope quite big to be moved on long distances, this method definitely solve this problem. Very cheap and easy to build, an oscilloscope with decent performance and as small as a credit card can be the perfect tool.

Team: Vlad Mihai Placinta, Ovidiu Hutanu

Keywords:Data Acquisition, C#, PIC32

Status: Finished

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Radio Controlled Robot

I have developed an Atmel based robot (with Atmega328), controlled from laptop through nrf24l01+ RF
modules. Its main purpose is to provide information about temperature, pressure, altitude, and distance
to the closest object. All of these details, together with speed settings, lights control and moving
commands are available in my own application, developed with C# Windows Forms.

Keywords: Sensors, C#, RF

Status: Finished

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Projects developed within Vanguard Technology

Vanguard technology is an organization I am member of and it is composed of eight passionate engineers. Our main focus is to build and launch complex rockets.

More details here

Robotic Arm Controlled by EMG Activity

I used a Myo Armband to obtain EMG signals from the eight sensors. These signals were be introduced in a machine learning algorithm that indicates the type of movement. Based on this, the control algorithm moves the Jaco robotic arm in the proper way.